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The Economist  August 23

REVIEWS             Edward III and the Triumph of England

The Guardian   August 24

The Sunday Times  August 25

Review rating: ****

The reviewer gives an accurate account of the book, and brings out the most important parts of the argument

Review rating: ****

A very fair review - the point about structure is justified, and probably arises from my failure to indicate that the more general chapters were intended as studies of the likely experience and cultural background of the Garter knights

Review rating : ****

The structural problems are again noted, but the book does have a perfectly good ending - the point at which the Company of the Garter becomes an  Order of Chivalry, and the stories which grew up around its origin as a result of the change. (The book title was originally much longer, but obviously impractical.)

The Times         August 30

Review rating: *****

An author’s dream review: a reviewer who has really read and understood the book - that it meets with approval is of course a bonus.

The Literary Review  August

Review rating: ****

Jonathan Sumption  knows far more about the overall pattern and wider implications of Edward III’s reign than I do, but my objective was not to assess Edward III’s rule. It was instead to try to see how Edward and his fellow knights thought and operated. His comment that I take them too much at their own estimation is almost a compliment, because that was my aim.

More reviews

History                    April 2014

Review rating : ****

Nigel Saul deals very fairly with the contentious arguments in the book and raises interesting points on the deployment of the archers at Crécy and the possible involvement of Henry of Grosmont in the foundation of the Company of the Garter. He may not be entirely convinced, but says so openly and appreciates my  point of view.