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Military History Review                                                    November

REVIEWS             Edward III and the Triumph of England

Review rating: ****

Enthusiastic view from  a well-informed reviewer.

(NB Giovanni Villani, not Matteo Villani.)

The Tablet         October 30

Review rating: ****

A scholar who knows the material intimately, and a very fair comment on the approach of the book

Review rating: ****

A  brief review by the pre-eminent biographer of Edward III

The Independent

                              January 2

The Telegraph  August 24

Review rating: **/***

I almost wondered if the reviewer had been reading Ian Mortimer’s The Perfect King instead of the present book. I emphatically disagree with his characterisation of Edward as  ‘obsessed with king Arthur’ - that is the opposite of what my book says. And I am not writing a biography of Edward, but a study of the military side of  his reign and the foundation of the company of the Garter. The result is inevitably one-sided in terms of the overall picture of England at the time, which is not my subject.